What Features Are Available on a Ford F-250 Super Chief?

The Ford F-250 Super Chief has the ability to be powered by gasoline, hydrogen or ethanol. The monochromatic exterior of the Super Chief is made of slick chrome and has aeronautical themed signals.

The Ford F-250 Super Chief is characterized by the Tri-Flex fuel system, which has a range of 500 miles. Fuels can be switched using the on-board system and can even be done while the vehicle is running. The Super Chief has three separate fuel tanks, adding up to a total capacity of 29 gallons, and the engine's supercharger only engages when running on hydrogen. The engine is a supercharged iron block V-10 with aluminum heads and can provide up to 374 horsepower. The hydrogen fueling system gives the Super Chief 400 foot-pounds of torque. The Super Chief comes in a four-wheel-drive model.

The Super Chief's seats are brown leather, and the flooring is wooden. The interior has aluminum accents, a glass ceiling, and the back row of seats has added pillows. A total of six passengers can be carried in the Super Chief. The total length of the Super Chief is 265 inches, and the wheelbase is 175 inches. The width of the Super Chief is 92.2 inches, and the height is 78.7 inches. The suspension is supported by leaf springs.