Where Are Farm Tractor Auctions?


Live farm-tractor auctions are often held in farm-heavy states such as Iowa and Pennsylvania. Buyers can also bid on tractors in online auctions by companies including AuctionTime, GovDeals and TractorHouse, as of 2015.

Tractors are often auctioned off with other farming equipment. DreamDirt runs numerous auctions each year in locations around Iowa. Some of the towns that host DreamDirt auctions include Onawa, Elliot and Winterset. Most auctions last for one day, and some allow online bids. Pennsylvania State University's Lion Surplus hosts an occasional auction of farm equipment in State College, Pennsylvania.

Several auction companies host online tractor auctions. Each auction contains tractors from around the United States and Canada, and buyers are responsible for post-sale transportation. GovDeals offers ongoing auction listings with varying end dates. TractorHouse and AuctionTime list details of upcoming auctions.

Online auction companies provide a detailed description of each tractor that usually includes the age, condition and technical specifications. Buyers can also view the current bid, minimum opening bid and the time left in the auction. Before the auction starts, buyers must register for an account and set up a payment method in the system. AuctionTime requires at least one business day to approve a new bidder.

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