What Are Some Family Tree Examples for Kids?

One example of a family tree for kids is to draw a picture of a large tree with many branches on a section of construction paper or project board. Starting at the bottom branches, write down the names of the child's immediate family, one name per branch. Write the names of other family members such as grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles on adjacent or higher branches of the tree.

Keep adding branches and moving higher up the tree for as far back as ancestors are remembered or documented. If the family is very large, make different trees for the immediate family and for extended family. A family tree can also be made using a memory book. Each page is dedicated to one branch of the tree or to one family unit. This allows a more detailed view of the various generations in the family. Include notes on each page about each family member's personality traits, travels, milestones and achievements. Getting kids involved in the creation of a family tree is enjoyable while also creating a sense of belonging. Learning about family history and having a visual of the various family connections helps strengthen the bonds between children and other family members.