What Is an Eye-Fi Card?

An Eyefi card is a secure digital memory card with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Eyefi cards are available for purchase from Adorama, Amazon, Best Buy and B&H Photo Video, as of 2015.

The two card models available, as of 2015, are Eyefi Mobi and Eyefi Mobi Pro. The Eyefi Mobi Pro features a free year of hosting unlimited photos on Eyefi Cloud and the Eyefi Mobi offers 90 days. The Eyefi Mobi Pro has a capacity of 32 GB, and the Eyefi Mobi is available with a capacity of 8 GB or 16 GB.

Both models feature HD video capturing, a wide range of support for cameras, easy mobile setup, instant Wi-Fi network to access the Eyefi application on a mobile device with instant transferring, support for numerous video and photo file formats, direct editing, photo sharing and automatic image organization. Extra features of the Eyefi Mobi Pro include wireless transfer of RAW image files, capability with existing Wi-Fi networks and selective photo transfers.