What Are Some Exercises to Help Heal a Torn Meniscus?

What Are Some Exercises to Help Heal a Torn Meniscus?

According to the Summit Medical Group, exercises that help rehabilitate a torn meniscus include passive knee extensions, heel slides, standing calf stretches, straight leg raises and wall squats using a ball. Additionally, a wobble board can be use to perform exercises involving balance and rotation.

The Summit Medical Group states that if a person cannot fully extend his knee due to a meniscal cartilage tear, a passive knee extension exercise is advised. This exercise involves lying and placing a rolled-up towel underneath the heel of the injured leg, such that the heel is 6 inches above the floor. The knee is then slowly straightened out by gravity when the person relaxes his leg muscles.

Summit Medical Group explains that the heel slide exercise is performed by sitting on a flat surface while the legs are straightened out in front and then sliding the heel of the injured leg towards the buttock. The standing calf stretch is performed by standing in front of a wall with hands placed on the surface and positioned at eye level. The injured leg is placed at the back, and the other leg is kept forward with knees bent. The back foot is then turned slightly inward, and the person leans towards the wall until a stretch is felt on the back of the calf.

According to the Summit Medical Group, a straight leg raise is performed by lying with the uninjured knee bent and the injured leg straightened out in front. The muscles on the thigh of the injured leg is then tightened, and the leg is lifted several inches off the floor.

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