What Is the Best Exercise for Lower Back Pain?

The best exercises for lower back pain include a combination of muscle stretching and stabilization exercises. Stretching helps loosen muscles and prevents a restricted range of motion. Stabilization exercises help strengthen the supportive muscles of the spine, resulting in less pain.

An excellent stretch for lower back pain is the "buttocks to heels" stretch. In this exercise, the patient starts on all fours. The knees should be directly underneath the hips, and the arms below the shoulders. The patient then moves the buttocks back towards the heels, ensuring that the spine remains naturally curved.

Another good stretch for lower back pain is "back extensions." To perform this stretch, the patient lies on his stomach with his head slightly off the floor. The patient then pushes gently upwards using the hands, until a stretch is felt in the stomach. It is important that the neck remains straight during this exercise.

An example of a stabilization exercise for lower back pain is the "pelvic tilt." This exercise helps strengthen supportive muscles, which provides more protection for the spine. To perform this exercise, the patient lies on his back with knees bent. The back is then slowly flattened and pelvis tilted until the back muscles contract.