What Are Some Examples of Unanswerable Questions?

Some examples of unanswerable questions include existential queries about the nature of existence, such as, "What is the meaning of life," and impossible questions concerning the possibility of nonexistence, such as, "Is death the end?" Perhaps more to the point, many have wondered, "Is there an afterlife?"

Humans have long been fascinated with their own existence. As a species that looks for the meaning behind everything, life itself naturally comes into question. "What is the meaning of life," is an age-old question considered by many to be unanswerable. People search for this unknowable meaning figuratively through religion, love, work, family and other sources of fulfillment. So far, however, answers to these mysteries elude humanity.

On the other end of the spectrum, unanswerable questions about death and its unknowns perpetually plague mankind. Humans are terrified and fascinated by the question, "Is death the end?" In a similar vein, almost everyone wonders, "Is there an afterlife?" Whether life after death is a promise of heaven delivered via religion, a belief in reincarnation and the many lives it offers, or simply a continuation of some kind, the question as to whether or not humans exist after death is both universal and unable to be answered.