How Do You Enroll in Classes at Midlands Tech Online?

To enroll in classes at Midlands Technical College online, complete the online admissions and financial aid forms, activate online student accounts, complete the new student orientation and academic advisement, register for classes and pay tuition and fees, notes The requirements for admission to Midlands Technical College depend on the type of degree program a student is applying to. Students should check the school's admission requirements for specific information before starting the process.

Use the following steps to enroll for classes online at Midlands Technical College.

  1. Apply to the school
  2. Go to the Midlands Technical College admissions website and click on the link titled "Submit an admissions application online" to complete the form. Submit all transcripts, writing samples and other required information.

  3. Apply for financial aid
  4. Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid at to receive financial aid.

  5. Open all student accounts
  6. Log into the MyMTC and MyMTC email accounts using the information provided by the school's admissions office.

  7. Complete the new student orientation
  8. Schedule a new student orientation time through the MyMTC account. Transfer students can complete the orientation online.

  9. Meet with the academic advisor
  10. Schedule an appointment with the academic advisor to go over course schedules and options.

  11. Enroll for classes
  12. Enroll for courses using the MyMTC account after the academic advisor has enabled online registration.

  13. Pay for classes
  14. View the tuition balance in the MyMTC account. Any financial aid received is displayed with the bill. Pay the balance for any tuition and fees before beginning classes.