How Energy Efficient Are Electric Stoves?


A standard electric stove uses approximately 65 percent of its available energy for cooking, compared to 55 percent for a gas stove. The total amount of electricity used, however, varies with the type of burner.

There are several types of electric burners available, and they differ in the amount of electricity they use. Solid disk elements, which are mounted under glass, don’t heat as fast and use more electricity when compared to standard coils. Halogen burners, which are also mounted under a glass surface, use a gas-filled bulb to generate heat and generally use less electricity than coils.

Induction burners are the most efficient type of electrically powered burner. Unlike coils, solid disks and halogen burners, which all use radiant heat, induction burners use a magnetic field to generate heat in the cookware. This method is highly efficient, utilizing 90 percent of available energy to cook. Cookware that responds to magnetic fields must be used, so not all types are suitable for induction cooking.

To maximize energy efficiency on standard coil and flat glass-type burners, it’s important to use cookware that is the proper size. A pan that is 2 inches smaller in diameter than the burner can waste almost half the heat that the burner produces. Cookware that sits flat on the cooking surface can also help to make the most use of the available energy.

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