How Does the Eggstractor Egg Peeler Work?

The Eggstractor is a gadget that purports to peel hard-boiled eggs effortlessly as the gadget has a central chamber and an accordion-like plunger that forces air into the chamber, which is supposed to force the shell off the egg. The user is instructed to tap the large end of a hard-boiled egg on a hard surface and then pierce through the shell and inner membrane of the small end of the egg on a piercing tool included on the Eggstractor before inserting the egg into the machine. Hard-boiled eggs inserted in the machine are then supposed to come out cleanly peeled with no remaining shell.

Although the makers of the Eggstractor egg peeler claim that their product works because of a pocket of air that supposedly forms at the small tip of every hard-boiled egg, this claim is not borne out with use. Sources from Amazon reviewers to local news channels and the Huffington Post all show that the product does not typically work as advertised. Instead, most reviewers report that, if the machine works at all, there is usually at least some shell left on the egg. Newer eggs may be less likely to peel cleanly than older eggs, which have weaker internal membranes and are therefore easier to peel.