What Are Some Easy Updos for Short Hair?


Easy updos for short hair include buns with volume, twists and braids. Messy updos with a lot of texture are also attractive for short hair, according to Redbook Magazine.

If hair is almost shoulder length, a volumized bun is one option. Leave the front portion of the hair free. Sweep the hair into a ponytail. A high ponytail creates a top knot, while a low ponytail creates a chignon. Either way, spray the hair with volumizing spray, and tease to create volume. Wrap the hair around itself in a bun, smoothing the top layer. Spray the front of the hair, and tease it. Pin it back in a bouffant. Spray the style to secure it.

If hair is too short for a ponytail, twists and braids work. Either twist or braid the sides of the hair back, securing with a bobby pin. Roll the nape hair up, and secure with bobby pins. Add hair jewelry, if desired.

Textured updos take a bit more work. Start by curling all the hair, alternating the direction of the curls. Tease the crown for volume, and smooth the top layer. Working with small sections of hair at a time, pull strands toward the nape. Twist some, braid others, and let some remain in a curl. Pin each strand back to create a deconstructed bun.