What Are Some Easy Hairstyles for Thin Hair?

What Are Some Easy Hairstyles for Thin Hair?

Some easy hairstyles for thin hair include, long-layered curls, a short bob with side bangs, a long bob and a long straight style with layers around the face. The key to having a stylish look with thin hair is to keep it full looking by removing some of the length and avoiding layers throughout the hair when possible.

There are a variety of different hairstyles for women. The selection offered for thin hair provide a sexy style without forgetting to add fullness to the otherwise limp hair.

  • Long and straight with bangs
  • This style uses layers around the face and none throughout the back of the hair. The lack of layers keeps the hair looking full in the back, while the layers around the face add some style.

  • Mid-length curls
  • Keeping the hair at shoulder length allow for more bounce and when adding long curls the bounce is even higher.

  • Shaggy pixie
  • The shaggy pixie cut is short with layers to add dimension. Bangs swept to one side give the style some drama.

  • Long shag
  • The long shag cut looks like it has layers, but it really has none. The bottoms of the hair are shattered and the bangs are cut in an asymmetrical fashion for a great look with thin hair.

  • Long curls
  • For women who want long hair but could use some added body, long curls that hang throughout the hair give an illusion of fullness.

  • Short bob with side bangs
  • The short bob offers some fullness by removing length and the side bangs creates a more modernized look.