What Is the Easiest Way to Make Ribbon Bows?


To make a classic bow, form two top loops at each side of a ribbon length and a bottom center loop. Bring the top right over the top left loop, then take the new left loop down behind the right and through the bottom loop, pulling the two loops tightly.

Classic and easy-to-make ribbon bows dress up a gift package, but they can also be used in home decorating, crafting, dressing-making, floral design and even hair styling.

How the bow is used often determines the choice of ribbon color and texture. Today’s wide selection of ribbon styles range from traditional satin and grosgrain to patterns, velvet to metallic, soft and gauzy to starched and wired.

Avoid satin ribbon for first attempts at bow making, since the fabric is slippery and often difficult to handle and manipulate without showing wear. It’s best to choose a forgiving ribbon such as grosgrain, which easily forms a perky and pleasantly shaped bow. In choosing ribbon for bow making, remember that if the ribbon can be tied into a knot, it likely makes up into a nice, classic, fabric bow.

Always allow enough fabric to make both the bow and the tails. It’s much easier to cut the tails of the bow shorter than to readjust the loops of the bow itself. Tails can be cut diagonally or in a chevron cut, but to avoid fraying, always trim with a sharp scissors designed for cutting fabric.