What Are Some Duties of a Registered Nursing Assistant?

Some duties of a certified nursing assistant include bathing and other grooming needs, assisting patients with mobility and bathing, checking vital signs and other signs as directed, and reporting changes in patient condition to licensed nursing staff. They provide general support services to nurses and doctors providing patient care.

Certified nursing assistants help with providing basic care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes or other long term care facilities. They are frequently called upon to lift or move patients to assist with mobility needs so the position has a moderately demanding level of physical activity. Duties such as bathing and toileting patients often require physical exertion as well. As directed by licensed nursing staff, certified nursing assistants also provide basic medical care such as checking patient vital signs, applying topical treatments or collecting specimens. They report any changes in patient condition to licensed nursing staff.

Certified nursing assistants are also responsible for maintaining the general environment for the patient in order to preserve their comfort and privacy. This can include a variety of tasks such as changing bed linen, properly repositioning patients to avoid bed sores, or finding misplaced eyeglasses and dentures. Polite and tactful communication with patients and their families is required at all times. The position also requires administrative duties such as recording and entering notes on patient care and condition.