What Is a Duraflame Log Made Of?

Duraflame logs are created out of a mixture of recycled industrial sawdust wood, natural fibers, oils and waxes. Duraflame logs contain plant-based waxes made from palm stearine or tall oil, as opposed to waxes made from petroleum. The logs are certified to contain 100 percent green-friendly ingredients.

Some artificial logs are made from recycled coffee grounds, instead of sawdust. Green-friendly logs may also be fashioned out of recycled cardboard boxes coated with wax. Artificial logs used in wood stoves are often made completely out of sawdust. Manufactured logs containing industrial wood waste are cleaner burning than real-wood logs.

A study conducted on Duraflame logs found they burn 80 percent more efficiently and release less toxins into the air than real logs. Organic wood emits small traces of hazardous toxins into the air when burned, such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and formaldehyde. These substances cause irritation and contribute to heart and lung disease when inhaled. While fake logs also emit toxins while burning, they do so at a slower rate. Another reason people may wish to choose artificial logs is to avoid the spread of natural pests, such as emerald ash borers and gypsy moths, which devastate tree populations. Also, fake logs save forest trees from being cut down.