How Do You Dress for Success?

Dressing for success includes wearing conservative attire, always wearing more instead of less, and asking an interviewer about the dress code if there is uncertainty. Men should wear such clothes as suits, dark pants and a white long-sleeved shirt. Successful clothing items for women are pant suits, or matching blouses, and hosiery.

Men should wear minimal jewelry when dressing for success, including the light use of aftershave. Dark socks and corresponding professional shoes are accessories that complement men who are attending interviews. Suits should be solid in color, and the tie should be conservative. Proper grooming should come in the form of neat hairstyles and well-trimmed nails.

Women should wear as little makeup as possible. A woman's suit should also be conservative, with a solid color, and the shoes should have a neutral style. Women should ensure that jewelry is not overly gaudy or excessive, and perfume should be lightly applied. Female hairstyles should be tidy as well, and nails should be well-manicured. Women should avoid wearing cut-off shirts or other revealing attire, such as mini-skirts.

A briefcase or portfolio adds more refinement to both genders. Men and women should iron clothing and ensure that overall appearance is well-kept. Wearing tight pants of any kind to an interview is unacceptable.