How Do You Draw a Rabbit?


The easiest way to draw a rabbit is to start with the head, add the ears, outline the body, add the front and back legs and the tail. Eyes, nose, whiskers and other details can be added as you draw each section or after the basic outline is finished.

A rabbit's head is basically an elongated circle. If you're creating a side-view rabbit, draw a backwards "C" with a small bump near the middle to form the nose and mouth. Sketch in an eye and a nose, and then add the ears and a curved line for the back of the head.

Sketch in two curves, one large from the back of the neck and a smaller one from under the chin. This is the body. Sketch the leg on the small front curve. The leg has an elbow shape in the back and a round shape on the bottom for the foot. Extend the line to make the rabbit's tummy.

Next, extend the long curve around until it points toward the front of the rabbit. Draw the rear leg, which is another curve from the back down and around to just past the tummy line. The leg is long, straight and points towards the front. Put a round shape on the end for the foot.

Add the tail to the rear. Draw another front leg, this one smaller and in back of the original leg. Add whiskers and details to the eyes, nose and mouth.

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