How Do You Draw Monsters?


To draw a monster, start with a circle. Add additional details, such as arms, legs, tails and facial features, using the circle to maintain symmetry. Add color using colored pencils, crayons or paint.

  1. Draw a cross on the page

    Determine where on the page to draw the monster. Draw a cross to use as a guide, and draw a circle.

  2. Draw facial features

    Add facial features to the circle, such as eyebrows, eyes, teeth, lips and ears. Facial features indicate the monster type. For example, draw big eyes, eyelids and a large smile to create a fun, silly monster. Add fangs to create a scary monster.

  3. Draw arms and legs

    Add arms and legs to the monster. Attach arms and legs to the circle, or add shoulders and thighs, and then add arms and legs. Add feet and hands. Add a tail, horns, body hair and other details to the monster's body.

  4. Add color to the drawing

    Finish the drawing by adding color to the monster. Use different colors for the body, eyes and other parts of the monster's body. Use colored pencils to create subtle shading or crayons for bold color. Add color to the rest of the page to create a floor, sky or other environment.