How Do You Draw an Easter Bunny?


Draw an Easter bunny by drawing the basic head and body shapes, sketching the ears, feet, arms and tail, adding the details, and finishing with an Easter egg. This takes only a few minutes, and you need a piece of paper and a pencil.

  1. Draw the head and body shapes

    Draw a diamond shape with round points for the head. Starting a little above the bottom of the diamond, draw a triangle with gently curving sides and a bottom line that curves upward.

  2. Sketch the ears, feet and tail

    On either side of the top diamond point, draw two long oval-shaped ears. On one side of the bottom of the triangle, draw a half circle connected with a flat line on the bottom for the foot. Repeat on the other side of the triangle. Draw two curving arms on both side of the top of the triangle. At the end of one of the arms, draw a sickle for a hand. For the other hand, draw a square. On the right of the triangle above the right foot, draw a fluffy tail.

  3. Add the details

    Draw the knuckles and horizontal lines for the fingers in the hand square and a vertical thumb. Draw a curving line through the center of both feet for the toes. Sketch the inside of the ears by adding a line at the top of each ear and curving it downward with a few bumps for the fur.

  4. Sketch in the face

    Add two round eyes and an oval nose just below the left eye. Below the nose, draw a curving line starting at the left side of the nose, curving down over, up and over again for the cheek. Add a semicircle below this for the mouth and a single tooth curving down from the nose.

  5. Add the Easter egg

    In the sickle-shaped hand, draw an oval Easter egg. In the other hand, draw two vertical lines ending in a point on each end for the paintbrush