How Do You Download Free Guitar Tablature Charts?

Download free guitar tablature charts by visiting sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site offers tools for locating specific songs or artists, with many also including multiple version of tablature charts for each song and the option to view the charts directly on the site. allows you to conduct keyword searches for songs, artists or albums as well as navigate through its collection alphabetically according to the name of the artist. Viewing an artist's page on the site allows you to see all of the available tabs by the name of the song, with multiple versions including the version number as part of the name.

GuitareTab displays the most popular and most recently updated tablature charts on its homepage along with a tool for choosing an artist by name. Many tabs include user ratings that reflect the ease of use and accuracy of the chart along with an option to hear a digital version of the song with various instruments before downloading. also posts the most popular artists on its homepage, including links to the full tablature chart catalog for each artist or group. When viewing the chart on the site, hovering over the chord names allows you to see a graphical representation of the finger position to play the chord and read user comments. displays its guitar tablature charts in a special interface that includes tools for listening to the song and printing out the tabs directly.