What Dog Breed Is Suitable for Families With Small Children?


There are many dog breeds that are suitable for families with small children so the best choice will depend on the family's particular needs and interests; however, the collie, beagle, bulldog, Newfoundland, Irish setter and golden retriever are all excellent dog breeds for families. Mutts can also make an ideal choice for families as long as they are not too small.

In general, it is the smaller dog breeds and the more aggressive dog breeds that make poor choices for families with small children. The reason for this is that the smaller dog breeds can easily be trampled by children and are more fragile so they require more attentive and gentle handling. Dog breeds with aggressive tendencies make a poor choice for families with small children because if they attack the child, they are more likely to take the action too far and seriously harm the child.

For families who want a large dog as a pet, the Newfoundland is an excellent choice. The large dogs do drool and they will shed, but they love children and the breed has been known for their loyalty and protectiveness over small children. A smaller family pet would be the bulldog. Bulldogs do not have high energy levels and they can tolerate children who do. They are also well built and despite their smaller stature can handle rough housing from small children. Regardless of the dog breed that the family chooses to adopt, the dog will need to be trained properly.

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