What Are the Disability Benefits of Social Security?

Social Security Disability benefits are monetary benefits given to eligible applicants who have worked and paid into the program but are no longer able to work due to a medical condition. The condition must prevent the worker from gainful employment for at least a year, or result in death.

A disabled child may qualify for Social Security Income (SSI) and apply through a representative. A child is approved if there is a medical condition, mental or physical, that severely limits regular activity. The condition must be projected to last at least a year or end in death. Approval may also be determined by the child's family income, as well as the resources available to the child.

Most applications for Social Security Disability benefits are submitted electronically using the application tools provided on the official website. Once the necessary documentation is collected, it takes an average of 15 minutes to complete and submit an application for benefits electronically. If this is not a preferred option, applications are also submitted at local Social Security offices. An appointment may be necessary to apply at a local office.

Once applications are accepted, approval or denial notification is sent via postal mail. This letter usually arrives within 90 days of the application acceptance date.