What Are Some Different Types of Metal Storage Cupboards?


Different types of metal storage cupboards include lockers, utility cupboards, garage cabinets, office supply cabinets and cupboards for the home. Metal storage cupboards are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, are available in various heights and widths, and are standing, fixed or on wheels.

Metal storage cupboards are more durable and convenient than those made of pressed wood, resin, laminate and particle board because they do not warp, swell or rot, and are easily cleaned and maintained. Most metal cupboards are finished with anti-rust treatments, making them virtually corrosion-free but are not recommended for bathrooms, sheds or damp basements.

Metal storage cupboards for the home include wall-mounted kitchen cupboards and floor-length cabinets. Wall-mounted kitchen cupboards hold drinking glasses, small pots or pans, non-perishable foods and food storage items. Floor-length, metal cabinets are typically used in basements and kitchens for storing small tools or appliances, as well as items such as mixing bowls, extra dishes and laundry supplies.

Metal garage cabinets are used for power tools, car care items, paint and hardware items such as nails and screws. Utility cabinets are made to hold many of the same items that garage cabinets hold, as well as cleaning supplies, extension cords, batteries and light bulbs.

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