What Is Desonide Cream Used to Treat?

Desonide cream is used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, allergies and dermatitis, according to WebMD. A mild corticosteroid, desonide cream alleviates the redness, swelling and itching caused by these conditions.

The Mayo Clinic explains that proper use of desonide cream is critical. Patients should wash their hands with soap and water prior to and after application of the cream. After applying a thin layer of desonide cream to the affected area, rubbing it in gently and allowing it to dry, patients must take care not to allow clothing, water or other substances to come in contact with the treated area.

MedlinePlus reports that side effects, such as burning, stinging, redness, peeling, drying and itching of the skin, may occur with desonide cream usage. Medical attention is required if the area of application develops a severe rash or shows signs of infection, such as oozing, redness or swelling.