What Are Some Design Ideas for Hanging Barn Doors?

Some design ideas for hanging barn doors include sliding traditional doors, reclaimed material doors and hinged contemporary doors. It is prudent to choose barn door designs that complement the general decor of the house.

Using a sliding door design for the barn may be a good way to boost the decor of the home. Consider reclaimed materials such as closet doors to design the doors. Search through the Internet or talk to a local hardware dealer to find tools and materials necessary for the project. Sliding rails make it easy for people to push the door to one side or another. The door can be designed in such a way that allows it to either shut the entrance or closet depending on its position.

Hinged barn door design is another option to consider. Use glass doors to ensure the room receives a decent amount of natural light. The glass doors allow anyone inside the room to have a good view of the outside. The glass also increases the general decor of the house.

Folding door design is the next option to think about. This type of door is often designed using wooden materials. It can either fold upwards or sideways depending on the user's preference.