How Do You Design a Deck Layout?


To design a deck layout, determine the deck's size, function and location in relation to the house. Sketch your property and the desired layout for the deck.

Before designing a deck, check if your local building department or your homeowner's association has any deck restrictions. If so, you must abide by these restrictions, although you may be able to request a variance.

Decks can be built connected to a house exit or detached. For a detached deck, plan a path or walkway from the deck to the house.

Base the size of your deck on what you plan to put on it and your own preferences. If you plan to entertain guests on the deck, consider the space requirements for items such as chairs, tables and a grill.

Decks made from clear lumber have a modern look, while lumber with many grain lines has a traditional look. Darker colors absorb and radiate heat more than lighter colors, so choose a lighter color if the area receives a large amount of sunlight.

Sketch a plan for the deck using a tape measure for accurate dimensions. Remember to sketch the deck in relation to your house and anything in the area, such as trees or a pool.

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