What Are Some Department Stores That Sell Air Conditioning Supplies?

Some department stores that sell air conditioning supplies include Sears, Kohl's, Target and Kmart, as of 2015. Each store offers full air conditioning units in addition to accessories such as filters and replacement parts, both in physical locations and online.

Sears.com offers a section dedicated to air conditioners and home ventilation systems, with options to refine the listings within the category according to product type. Choosing the Parts and Accessories option allows users to see listings for products such as filter packs, air conditioner sleeves and special cleaning solutions. The site also allows users to compare multiple items by clicking on the box beneath each entry.

Khols.com also allows users to apply filters to searches within its Air Conditioning section, covering details such as product, brand, price and customer rating. It is also possible to purchase an item through the website and pick it up at a local store, with delivery times varying according to store inventory.

Target.com lists its air conditioning accessories and supplies in the same section as its air conditioning units. The page on the site include filtering options and a related links section with buying guides and related articles. The store also allows users to sort listings according to in-store and online product availability.

Kmart.com features an appliance accessories section that covers items for both air conditioners and heaters, including a variety of filters and replacement parts.