What Are Some Denture Adhesives With Good Ratings?

What Are Some Denture Adhesives With Good Ratings?

Among the most highly rated denture adhesives are Secure, Super Poligrip and Sea Bond. Denture wearers tend to have their own personal opinions about which denture adhesive works best for them; however, there are a few that stand out as the better ones based on wide reviews.

Super Poligrip is available as a cream, powder or adhesive strip and is also zinc-free. Only a small amount of the material provides a long lasting bond that keeps even minute food particles from getting underneath the dentures, which can cause significant discomfort and gum problems.

Sea Bond is a zinc-free denture adhesive made of thin wafer seals to fit both upper and lower dentures. Though the wafer seals may need to be cut to fit appropriately, they provide a long lasting secure hold by dampening the wafer seal before applying the denture.

Secure denture adhesive is typically water soluble and zinc-free, providing a firm hold that lasts all day as saliva and other liquids do not thin and weaken the material, which causes the bond to loosen. It is available in either a cream or wafer seal, although the cream provides a thinner layer of the substance for a longer lasting adhesion.

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