What Degrees Does Southern University Offer Through Online Study?


As of 2015, Southern University offers nine online degree programs, including associate degrees in business management and health information technology, bachelor's degree programs in criminal justice and psychology, and an online Master of Business Administration program. Students can complete these degree programs entirely online without visiting a Southern University campus.

In addition to Bachelor of Science degrees in criminal justice and psychology, students can also pursue an online bachelor's degree in computer science or interdisciplinary studies. The interdisciplinary studies program allows a student to earn a cross-discipline degree that expands his opportunities after college. A Bachelor of General Studies is also offered through Southern University's online program. Students who choose this path earn a minor in history and enjoy a diverse course load that helps them prepare for the future.

Graduate students who are not interested in Southern University's online MBA program may want to enter the school's other online graduate program to earn an Executive Master of Public Administration. This degree program is designed for professionals who already fill middle- and upper-level management positions in government and non-profit sectors and hope to continue moving forward in their careers.

Individuals who want to enroll in an online degree program at Southern University can contact the admissions office online or by phone to get more information.

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