What Are Some Degrees Offered by the University of Wolverhampton?

What Are Some Degrees Offered by the University of Wolverhampton?

The University of Wolverhampton offers degrees such as Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Laws and Master of Science. The university also offers full-and part-time foundation degrees that generally take between two to three years. The university’s research degrees are available for various subjects, including biomedical science, construction and infrastructure, human resources and social work.

University of Wolverhampton offers undergraduate studies in various subjects, including business, health, humanities, and mathematics and computer science. Students can apply for Bachelor of Engineering or BEng in mechanical, electronic, manufacturing, automotive systems and mechatronics engineering. Students can also apply for Bachelor of Arts in sports management, accounting and law, video and film production, and religious studies.

A Bachelor of Science (Honors) in genetics and molecular biology is available full-time, part-time and sandwich study modes. This course prepares students for careers in research, health, academic and industrial sectors. The university’s BSc (Honors) in industrial mathematics has a full-time course length of three years that covers mathematical applications in engineering.

University of Wolverhampton’s Master of Science in occupational psychology integrates theory, practice and research that help students develop industry skills. This course also awards students with the British Psychological Society Level A Certificate in Occupational Testing. The university offers foundation degrees that focus on practical, work-based learning that is relevant to day-to-day industry operations.

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