What Are Degree Completion Programs?


A degree completion program is an undergraduate academic program that helps students who have earned some college credit earn their bachelor's degree. The program is for students who, for one reason or another, have not completed their bachelor's degree programs and wish to do so. Its structure allows students who have been out of the university for a period of time to learn at an accelerated or flexible schedule.

The degree completion program schedule enables students to balance work and family life as they advance their career. Students must hold a minimum number of credits to apply for the program. These credits vary from school to school and it is the role of the schools to differentiate between credits previously earned by the student and those required for the award of the degree.

The degree qualifies graduates for more job responsibility and more pay. Students only take the required classes for them to earn a degree. The programs are available in various subjects including education, finance, biology and science.

The school offering the degree completion program as well as the school from which the student received the original credits must have accreditation. Accreditation implies that the school and its programs meet national standards in terms of the education level of the trainers and the subjects taught within the program.

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