How Do You View Daily Doonesbury Cartoons?

Anyone with Internet access can view daily Doonesbury cartoons by visiting and searching for Doonesbury. The site offers every daily Doonesbury comic strip from its first appearance on Oct. 26, 1970. The site has no membership, subscription, sign up or login requirements, as of December 2015.

Gary Trudeau, the strip’s creator, and his creative team recently thanked fans in an open letter as they celebrated the 45th anniversary of the strip known for its clever political humor and biting social commentary. Trudeau announced in February 2014 that he would no longer produce Doonesbury on a daily basis but would continue to produce new weekly strips for Sunday newspapers. Since March 2014, the strip supplies daily publishers such as the Washington Post with Doonesbury Classics, older strips personally selected by Trudeau and his team for their timeless nature and enduring appeal.