How Do You Crochet Roses?

How Do You Crochet Roses?

Make a crochet rose by crocheting the petals in a chain and securing them in a rose spiral. Use the same basic structure to create a rosebud, but make the petals smaller and wind them tighter.

To create a crochet rose, start by making a chain of 51 out of any color worsted weight yarn. For the first row, crochet a single stitch in the second chain from the end. Chain two stitches, which is the chain-two space. Skip one stitch in the original chain. Slip stitch into the second chain. Repeat that pattern across the entire length of the chain.

At the end of the row, turn the crochet hook, and chain one. In the chain-two space, create three half-double crochet stitches. Chain one, and then slip stitch into the same chain-two space. This should create a petal.

Make a slip stitch into the next chain-two space. Chain one, and create three half-double stitches. Chain one, and slip stitch to create the second petal. Keep up this pattern for the length of the chain. Use a tailor's knot to complete the final stitch, and weave the ends to hide them.

While holding one end of the chain, roll the petals into a rose shape. Use a yarn needle and the same color yarn to stitch the rose together from the back.