How Do You Crochet Butterflies?


To crochet a butterfly, make one slip stitch followed by six chain stitches. Pull the yarn through the first chain stitch, then make a second slip stitch to form a circle. Make three chain stitches, and double stitch back into the circle twice. Repeat this action six times to make eight sets of three double stitches grouped together. Close the round with a slip stitch, and make two more rounds. Sew the butterfly together with a long yard tail.

Completing the third round leaves you with eight sets of eight double crochet stitches in each chain-one space. Do a slip stitch, and tie off the yarn leaving an extra long tail. Fold the circle in half to form a butterfly. Make sure that the top and bottom wings are aligned. Use the tail to sew the butterfly together from bottom to top. Sew up to the inner circle formed by the first round of stitches.

To make the antenna, make 25 chain stitches, then make four single crochets beginning with the second stitch on the hook. Make slip stitches in the next 14 stitches, then finish with single crochets for the remaining five stitches. Fold the antenna in half, place them on top of the butterfly, and secure them with a tapestry needle.