How Do You Create Your Own Pendant?

To create your own pendant, decide how large or small you wish it to be, and then design an image that incorporates the materials you want to use. If your design allows for gem stones or adornments, make an appropriate choice for your budget. Find a custom jeweler, or create the pendant yourself if you have the appropriate tools.

To determine a size for your pendant, hold up coins of various sizes where you want the pendant to fall on your neck or chest. Choose the size that suits you best, and then outline the coin on some scrap paper as a guide moving forward. If you already know what you want the pendant to look like, draw a sketch of it, listing the material details underneath. If you are unsure what design you want, brainstorm some images that make you happy or images that represent a passion you have. Keep the design as simple as possible to ensure the details are clear.

Once a design is chosen, price the materials needed to complete the pendant. Choose a metal for the base and stones for any embellishments. Some metals cost more than others, and rhinestones or natural stones are good substitutes for diamonds or gems, if your budget is smaller.

Ask local custom jewelers for an estimate. If the price is too high, ask what it takes to make it less expensive. If you choose to make it yourself, purchase supplies and tools at a craft store.