How Do You Create a Compelling Resume?

Create a compelling resume by being concise, organized, professional but unique, and incorporating key words and relevant figures and percentages, suggests The Hired Group. Every resume should be customized to a specific job so it does not appear generic alongside other resumes reviewed by the hiring manager.

Because the hiring manager must read many resumes, it is important for resume paragraphs to be concise and to the point. Descriptions of qualifications should be kept to two or three lines or made into a bulleted list, which conveys key information while being very easy to read.

Related to the concise paragraphs is the need for the resume to have a balance between white space and text. Achieve this by removing irrelevant jobs and experience from the resume and inserting an extra space between each section. This makes the resume look less chaotic and also makes it easier for the hiring manager to read.

The resume should be unique, but avoid unprofessional attempts to make the resume visually stand out. These attempts include using colored pages, as well as excessive use of italics, exclamation points or font changes.

The phrasing itself should incorporate words and phrases similar to the original job description. Use of these keywords helps the resume stand out to the hiring manager. Additionally, use specific statistics and figures whenever possible, such as numbers showing how you increased productivity at a previous job.