What Are Some Crafts You Can Make From Old Barn Wood?


Some crafts that can be made from old barn wood are hand-painted signs, shelves and displays for photos and art work. Another barn wood craft is to make a floating bench.

To make a sign, lay out several slats of barn wood. They can be cut evenly, or they can be left at varying lengths depending on individual taste. Place the slats next to each other on top of some 1-by-2-inch pieces of wood running crosswise to the slats, and then nail the slats to the other pieces. Use paint, stencils and other crafting supplies to create a customized design or spell out a favorite quote.

For an easy way to display pictures using barn wood, attach a photo directly to a piece of wood using glue, tape or photo corners. Using twine to secure the picture to the wood can add a rustic touch. Choose a section of wood that is slightly larger than the picture for the best results.

To make a floating bench, first secure a platform made of wood or metal to the wall to hold the bench. Use a pencil to mark exactly where the platform is to sit on the wall, pre-drill the holes and use anchor screws to attach it. Cut a thick barn wood beam to size, making sure the edge facing the wall is flat enough to sit flush. Sand the beam so that it is smooth enough for sitting, and then screw it into the platform from the bottom up.