What Craft Projects Can Glass Bottle Caps Be Used For?

Some glass bottle cap crafts include making a wreath gluing the caps in various cylindrical patterns, making wind chimes by hanging them from a stick or a metal plate with thread or metal links, and making a coaster by gluing the bottle caps together at the edges to create the shape of a square. Additionally, they can be used to create the frame of a mirror or picture.

By filling the bottle caps with wax and adding a wick, they become tea lights. They also make interesting and intricate designs coffee tables and chairs. By collecting and sorting caps by color, someone who crafts can then create patterns to lay on furniture, making for interesting decor.

For someone who wishes to try a more challenging project, creating a backsplash behind a kitchen sink or counter is an interesting project. Some simpler crafts include attaching a magnet to the underside of the caps to create unique refrigerator magnets and attaching a key ring to the cap to hold your keys. Creating place cards with style is another idea for bottle caps; particular bottle caps attached to paper place cards can denote a specific seat or table for a guest at a wedding.