What Are Some Cool Science Project Ideas?


Cool science project ideas include the pinto bean germination experiment, the corrosiveness of soda experiment, and the tongue sensitivity experiment. This projects are ideal for students in elementary and middle school.

To conduct the pinto bean germination experiment, line the inside of five clear plastic cups with paper towels. Fill five plant misters with water, and add a different ingredient to each. Add nothing additional to the first plant mister, so it contains only water. Add a tablespoon of wood ash to the second mister, the manufacturer-recommended amount of kelp fertilizer to the third, the manufacturer-recommended amount of fish fertilizer to the fourth, and a teaspoon of Epsom salts to the fifth. Place two bean seeds in each cup, between the plastic and the paper towel. Place all cups in a sunny area, and spray with the corresponding mister each day for a week. Observe the results.

Start the soda corrosiveness experiment by collecting several old, tarnished pennies and placing them side-by-side on a piece of white paper. Take a picture of the pennies, then transfer them to a glass container and pour cola over them. After at least four hours, flip the pennies. Let the pennies sit overnight, then take them out in the morning, and observe the results.

The tongue sensitivity experiment demonstrates the tongue's sensitivity to bitter, sour, salty or sweet tastes. In this experiment, the student gives participants samples of salt, sugar, lime juice and bitter chocolates. Participants write down the flavor type to which they are most sensitive, and then the student analyzes the data and uses it to form a conclusion.

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