How Do You Cook Sauerkraut?


Cook sauerkraut by simmering it with ingredients such as butter, sliced onions and sliced apples until the mixture is tender. To create a main meal out of sauerkraut, cook it with sausages.

The simple recipe for sauerkraut with apples on involves sautéing onion slices in butter and then adding apple slices, sauerkraut and dry white wine. Stew the mixture for approximately two hours or until it becomes very soft. Add dark brown sugar, salt and pepper to taste. A similar recipe on starts by cooking bacon in butter before adding onion slices, apple slices and sauerkraut. Stir in beer, black pepper and caraway seeds, then simmer the mixture for 45 minutes.

A sauerkraut recipe on involves frying diced bacon until crispy, then adding onion slices and grated apples and sautéing for four minutes. Season with thyme, caraway seeds and juniper berries, then stir in sauerkraut and chicken stock. Simmer the mixture for five minutes before adding grated potatoes and butter. Continue to cook the mixture for another five minutes and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Another sauerkraut recipe on begins by sautéing bratwurst in a pan before adding chopped onions and minced garlic and gently caramelizing them. Stir in chicken stock, caraway seeds, paprika and sauerkraut. Simmer the mixture for 45 minutes, then fold in chopped dill and serve on baguettes.

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