How Do You Cook on a Salt Block?


Cook on a salt block by heating the block in the oven and placing meat or fish on the hot block. It is also possible to use a salt block on a barbecue grill or to freeze the block to create dessert items such as ice cream and custard.

Manufacturers usually use Himalayan pink crystal salt to make salt blocks. The salt has a high specific energy, allowing it to hold temperature consistently and for long periods of time. Salt blocks are also non-porous and contain very little moisture, meaning that heating and cooling them to extreme temperatures does not damage them.

Cooking on a salt block gives a mild saltiness to the food being prepared. Aside from heating the block in an oven, a salt block works in a similar manner as a metal skillet. Place the salt over a gas stove burner, and then cook steak or fish on the surface of the block. For dessert, place the salt block over a grill or gas burner, and cook bananas on it. Turn off the grill, douse with a high-alcohol liquor, and light with a match for a flambe. The salt imparted by the block enhances the sweetness of the bananas.

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