What Are Some Considerations in Choosing to Rent a Basement Apartment?


Price, security and noise are some factors to consider when choosing to rent a basement apartment, according to About.com. Accessibility and lack of a view are other things to consider.

Apartments on upper floors generally command higher rents, so it is likely to be less expensive to rent a basement apartment, explains About.com. Living in a basement apartment may be noisier than living in a unit on a higher level because it is easier to hear the comings and goings of other tenants. Street noise may also be more audible from a basement apartment.

Security is an issue to consider when renting a basement apartment because it is often easier for an unscrupulous person to break into an apartment on a lower floor, notes About.com. There is no need for the burglar to climb when accessing a basement apartment or an apartment on the first floor of a building.

A nice view is one of the reasons that apartments on upper levels command higher rents, states About.com. A person who does not care about the lack of a view can save money by renting a basement apartment.

A basement apartment may be easier to access without having to wait for an elevator, according to About.com. A person who is comfortable taking the stairs to enter and exit his apartment may be happy in a basement apartment.

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