How Do I Connect a Washing Machine?


Connecting a washing machine is a simple process, especially if it is just replacing an existing washing machine. Replacing a washer consists of only three steps and uses only water pump pliers and a level. Before connecting a new washer, the proper plumbing and electrical connections must be installed. However, the steps after that point are the same. Remember to turn off the water and electrical connections before installing any washing machine.

  1. Connect the standpipe

    The standpipe is where the used water goes after it drains from the washing machine. The standpipe must be connected to a drain or run into a laundry sink to utilize that drain. The standpipe should be larger than the drain hose, and the top should be located above the washer's water level.

  2. Attach the water supply hoses

    Hook the hot and cold water hoses into the corresponding water valves. Tighten the hoses with water pump pliers. Turn the water and electricity to the washer back on. Turn on the valves, and let the washer basin fill. Then, check for leaks in the hoses.

  3. Level the washer

    After checking for leaks and ensuring that all the hoses are properly installed, use a builder's level to make sure that the washer is evenly placed on the floor on all sides. Adjust the feet of the washer as needed to prevent the machine from rocking during use.

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