How Does Computer Technology Affect Our Lives?


Computer technology affects lives positively by enhancing communication, facilitating access to information and revolutionizing business activities. It also promotes learning and the process of building professional relationships through networking. However, computer technology can make people lazy, according to The Telegraph. It also limits social interaction.

Computer technology affects people's lives because they spend a lot of time with computing devices and resources, such as mobile phones and the Internet. People depend on computers in doing almost everything, including purchasing goods, making bookings, inquiring about family and friends, and making decisions. In addition, computer technology allows people to overcome barriers, such as distance, in education and work activities. According to HowStuffWorks, computer technology blurs the line between private and professional lives. Computer technology allows storage of a lot of information and simultaneous retrieval of data. It also eases the manipulation of data, such as photos and sound. However, The Telegraph argues that people are less likely to remember what they see or read on computers. In addition, computer technology can be distracting, and it may create distance among family members. Computers stream several pieces of information, causing people to skim or scan through them, instead of thorough and reflective reading. According to The Telegraph, the media images that children view through computer technology, such as violence on online media, has negative effects on their social and psychological processes.

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