What Computer Program Can You Use to Make Your Workout Log for Your Exercise?


Individuals who exercise can track their progress in a home-made workout log in a word processor or spreadsheet program on their computer, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Various websites offer templates, or users can create their own.

Bodybuilding.com offers a log that emphasizes weight training tracking and includes spaces for data, such as mood and comments. Google Documents makes available user-created documents that range from general logs, triathlon training or tracking work on specific body parts. Some logs are created by individuals engaging in casual exercise, while others are promotional materials provided from athletes who also maintain their own websites.

Runner's World provides a free online workout log for runners, but also allows logging of other activities, such as swimming and cycling. The log lets users set goals and analyze workout data, such as time, distance and calories burned. Users may also share their workouts and running routes with others.

Various phone apps also help users track their workouts. They range in price from free to upwards of $9. C25K leads users through a training program to begin running and complete a 5k race. The iFitness app includes workout logs and instructional guides for a variety of exercises. RunKeeper Pro tracks users' geographical locations as they exercise, then uploads the information for analysis.

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