How Do You Complete Assurance Training Online?

As part of the application process for Assurance, an organization should have key individuals complete OHRP's online training. To begin the training modules, the individual can go onto OHRP's home page, and under "Human Subject Assurance" choose training, then select the module with which he wishes to start. Instead of selecting "login" when the training module opens, the individual should choose "browse," allowing him to navigate his way through the module at his own pace and without login credentials.

The online training modules explain the responsibilities of the Institutional Officer, in addition to giving a detailed view of the informed consent process. There are three modules in the training sequence, including HHS Regulations and Institutional Responsibilities, Human Research Protections Program, and Investigator Responsibilities and Informed Consent. The individual completing the training should click on the module name of his choice, which takes him to the first page of the module.

It is important to note that these modules do not fulfill the investigator training requirements for NIH grant recipients. These individuals must complete training on the NIH site after they have completed the account registration process. The NIH training does require login credentials and only registered users may complete that online training.