What Companies Manufacture Stoves With Induction Cooktops?

Thermador, Samsung and Frigidaire manufacturer freestanding ranges with induction cooktops. Bosch and GE manufacture induction cooktops that require installation of a separate oven. These cooktops use magnetic waves to increase cooking speeds.

Induction cooking requires magnetic cookware, including cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans. The cooktop transfers energy to the cookware, and with the exception of the area directly under the cookware, the stovetop remains cool to the touch.

Induction cooking is much faster than cooking on a standard electric stove. A pot of water on an induction burner boils in half the time. The reduction in cooking time decreases the time it takes to prepare a meal and saves energy. Because the induction burner only heats the area under the pan, it automatically adjusts to the size of the pot, saving more energy.

Cooks appreciate that induction cooking offers the responsiveness of gas in an electric stove. The smooth cooktops are easy to clean but provide the heat to sear a steak or gently heat sauces and gravies.

Induction stoves are more expensive than standard stoves as of 2015, although prices are dropping. If the existing cookware in the home is nonmagnetic, the family must also invest in new pots and pans at the same time they buy the new range.