What Are Some Communication Degree Jobs?

What Are Some Communication Degree Jobs?

Effective communication skills have broad appeal, so a communication degree sets the stage for an array of career options such as journalism, marketing, public relations, and even lobbyists and politicians. Additional careers paths which often include a foundational degree in communication (in addition to any necessary advanced degrees) include social work, law, management and human resources.

Journalism is a common career field for those with communication degrees. A journalist conducts research and investigations to prepare stories for broadcast, print and online media. A communication degree is also a common starting point for marketing and public relations professionals. People in these roles must interact with clients, team members and the media to help clients get messages to their marketplace. Many other business professionals and entrepreneurs use their communication degrees to start and develop businesses.

Lobbyists and politicians sometimes get communication degrees in lieu of a political science degree. Lobbyists communicate with politicians about the interests of an employer or client firm. Politicians communicate goals and ideals to their constituents and other politicians.

Lawyers and social workers sometimes get communication degrees. Lawyers combine the persuasive communication skills they develop during their undergraduate degrees and the legal skills they acquire during law school. Social workers interact with clients, assistance agencies and colleagues in an agency.

Management, human resources and technology are other fields where people with communication degrees often find success. All of these fields require communication at multiple levels across an organization.

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