What Are Some Common Workplace Safety Questions and Answers?

As of 2015, common workplace safety questions include inquiries about drug and alcohol use, requirements for fall protection, air quality, water and sanitation, and general workers' rights, says the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Other frequently asked questions address issues concerning environmental working conditions, OSHA guidelines and regulations, and inspections and documentation.

OSHA suggests that employees who suspect on-the-job drug and alcohol use among coworkers check with their employers to pursue setting up a substance-abuse program, notes OSHA. In general a jobsite must provide fall protection for anyone working at heights of four feet or more; workers on ships require fall protection at heights over five feet, and construction workers must use protection at heights over six feet. Safety-net systems, individual arrest systems and guardrails prevent accidental falls, the leading cause of employee deaths in the construction industry. Acceptable workplace air quality ensures a supply of fresh outdoor air, pollutant control and comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

Employers must provide employees with clean drinking water at no charge, and they must make bathroom facilities readily available, states OSHA. OSHA standards require employers to establish an extermination program when Insect or rodent infestations occur. The Occupational Safety and Health Act guarantees workers the right to training and information about potential hazards, documentation concerning illnesses and injuries, the ability to file a complaint without retaliation, and several other rights that ensure their health and safety.