What Are Some Common Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes?

Error codes for a washing machine, such as the Whirlpool Duet front loading automatic unit, can contain a F followed by two digits like F07, F09 and F10. The F07 error code refers to a motor control unit error that may require replacement, and the F09 code stands for an overflow condition. This model of Whirlpool washing machine may also have other error codes that contain only letters, such as FdL and FdU.

The FdU and FdL are code errors that refer to the door unlocked or locked, respectively. The error code Sud represents too much detergent that cause an overflow of suds. The F/H error code can display when it appears that water is not going into the machine.

Some other possible codes are F02 (long drain), F11 (serial communication error) and F13 (dispenser circuit error). There can be a variety of causes the lead to these different error codes mentioned. For example, the F07 code (motor control unit error) can be due to a short in the unit. The F09 error (an overflow condition) may be caused by an improperly working pressure switch, faulty water inlet valve or a plugged drain hose.

If these parts are not working properly or defective, they need to be replaced. Similarly, the F/H code may mean that the water inlet valve is faulty and needs replacement.